Lifetime Membership

Thanks to all who have supported the Old Grammarians’ Club over the years. Due to a decision to stop postal communication with our members we have been able to significantly reduce our outgoings over the past few years. At this time we feel that we would rather be an all-inclusive community than a membership-only community. 



The committee has decided to remove the lifetime membership option and instead offer a free newsletter of news and events to keep everyone up to date along with our Facebook page which is very active. We will continue to keep a list of lifetime members and welcome newsletter recipients to join this list. 

The club was set up to serve all past pupils and staff of Paisley Grammar School and immediate connections. However, we have found our membership expands beyond this small community and has reached all over the world. Thank you for your support.  

Of course, the club is not without the annual expense of the website. We would like to ask anyone who signs up for the newsletter to consider a small donation to support our costs. In the past, we would charge £15/£13 for the lifetime membership and we would ask that you consider making a suitable donation as you feel appropriate, to help the club continue to run. 


Supporting the club

The best way you can support the Old Grammarians’ Club is to attend an event. We conduct a reunion event each year and two lunches each year. Visit the event page to learn more about the upcoming events. Another way to support the club is by serving on the committee. We are always welcoming to new members of the committee with new and fresh ideas.